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Dec. 31 Warning! Please note that the Sewage Lagoon is unsafe for recreational use and the park between the lake and the cottages is NOT an off-leash area.

Dec. 23 Merry Christmas! The board of directores wishes everybody at Little Bow Resort a Very Merry Christmas and may 2008 turn out to be another great year!

Dec. 20 Campground Bathrooms: The new combo locks have been installed on the bathroom doors by the water treatment plant and are now operational. Please see Ray for the code. Just a reminder - these bathrooms are available only for owners that are under construction and friends of owners using the campground ($10/day).

Dec. 15 Ray and Verna would like to wish all the Little Bow owners and their familys a Very Merry Christmas, and Best wishes to all in the New Year.

Dec. 15 Lost and Found has now been added to the Buy/Sell page. If you have lost or found something - please notify the webmaster.

Dec. 12 Posted Little Bow Water Meter Implementation Plan here.

Dec. 3 Posted Nov-Dec 2007 Newsletter here.

Nov. 30New Web Page!
We now have an Other Communities Page.
Let's find out what is happening in the area and meet some of our neighbours!

Nov. 22GAS LEAK!
We had a situation today where an owner left the master shut off valve in the on position of their BBQ. The wind blew over the BBQ and the knobs were twisted to the on position for several hours, possibly days. This could have been an extremely dangerous situation! Please ensure your master gas valves are shut-off at all times when unattended and please consider securing your bbqs to your deck railings when not at the lake as this is not the first time a BBQ has been pushed over by wind.

Nov. 13Attention owners! We strongly advise you to check your property for damage due to the last 2 days of strong winds. Ray has contacted several owners concerning damage.
A metal shed and a gazeebo were blown apart, screen doors ripped off, lots of flying metal, wood, shingles, patio etc.

Oct. 15 Over the last couple of weeks Ray has been removing the soft ground underneath the second boat launch and building a solid base that our hired contractor failed to do.
On Saturday. we had a great group of people spending the ENTIRE day helping to repair the boat launch.
I said it lots throughout the day but want to say it again, a very Big Thank-you to everyone for giving up their Saturday for the Resort.
Here are some more pictures of our crew! Thanks to Joyce Erickson!

Oct. 10 Thursday Oct 11/07 from 9am to approx 1pm there will be no water or sewer available at the resort due to the change out of the plant 3 phase power converter.
Friday Oct 12/07 from 9am to 1pm Fortis has a scheduled power outage for this area.

Oct. 2 Posted October Newsletter here. Also the results from the Lignosulfate/SGM survey are available here.

Sep. 28As most of you know, the West Nile Virus has been reported in the Resort area. Over this past summer there have been 2 confirmed cases in the Resort. If any family member or friend who was at the lake this summer has shown signs of flu, headaches, back or neck pain or rashes, please see your doctor and get tested. For further information, please click on the link below.

Sep. 25October 1/07 all trailers will have their water shut off due to the cold nights. It will save the home owner the expense of thawing out water lines.
Also - the owner of the ice fishing shack thats left behind the compound area, to please move it to the new designated site ( past campground).

Sep. 14The fire ban has been lifted for the county of Vulcan. Open fire are permitted at Little Bow Resort this weekend but it is still to dry for Fireworks according to the county. Please remember that residents > require permits to launch Fireworks. You can obtain a permit by calling > Vulcan County at 403-485-2241.

Sep. 12 We are a go for Second Boat Launch! We are looking for a few volunteers for October 13th (and maybe 14th) Alberta Government is planning on dropping the water another meter by October 9th which will bring the level to 853.40 and we need it to be below 853.65 which should give us a minimum 1 foot of clearance. After the water is turned off, the water level could rise up another 2 feet so we will only have 1 or 2 weeks window. If you are able to help, please email

Sep. 11 Please remember to complete the Lignosulfate/SGM survey. Make your vote count.
The RAW Water Pump was replaced on September 6. Thanks everyone for using less water during this time.

Sep. 8 Please be advised that due to the consistant drop in the lake water level, the dock is partially sitting on the rocks. We will be removing the dock for the season, probably Sunday, late afternoon/evening, wind /weather permitting.

Sep. 1 Posted September Newsletter here. Make sure you check the Survey page.

Aug. 29The Fireban is still on. Click here why.

Aug. 22 Little Bow Resort has received very little rain in the last 2 months and as a result the acreage to the south and east is extremely dry. Please limit the use of motorized vehicles or be extremely cautious when driving over the grass.

Aug. 15 Visit our new Photo Gallery.

Aug. 10 Ray will be unavailable from Aug 15 to Aug 19 for a much deserved vacation. For urgent issues please contact Dave, Unit 32, 792-3727.

Aug. 7 RECYLING DEPOT - The county of Vulcan has awarded Little Bow Resort a recycling depot. The county will pay for all materials but would like us to put the structure together. The building is 14' x 44'. We are looking for volunteers, date to be determined but most likely mid-September.

New Webpage - One of our Board Members Elfie Hall has added some colour to our webpage. Among her many hobbies, is a professional photographer and has added some of her pictures. Take a look. Thanks Elfie for all the hard work.

Vehicle Tags at the boat launch - Over the long weekend we had a number of volunteers at the top of the hill and at the parking lot watching for vehicle tags. We are happy to report that only 2 owners were turned away but we had over 12 'outsiders' trying to use our launch. Please continue to show your tag while at the launch. If you see someone without their tag, please challenge them. The parking lot is too small to allow outsiders to use our launch. It is private property and we own the launch. There are liability issues with outsiders using our property. Thanks to our volunteers and the owners for supporting this initiative.

Aug. 2 Posted August Newsletter here.  If you didn't get this email, please submit your email address to or

July 24 2 more BBQ's were dropped off at the garbage bins over the weekend.  Just a reminder that the garbage bins are for household waste ONLY and the garbage dump is for burnable housebuilding material ONLY.
The Vulcan District Waste Commissions Transfer Station hours are located here and they are open on weekends.

July 23 Water meter audit update - It was discovered over the weekend that the inside meters have already been calibrated and tagged so only the outside meters need to be verified to the inside meter.  To avoid scheduling conflicts and to make this exercise easier on everyone, if your inside meter matches your outside meter (Inside white numbers to outside black numbers) please let us know and we can seal your outside meter.  If you meter does not match or is not rolling right (Numbers inbetween etc) please let us know what the inside reading is and the date it was taken and it will be matched up.

July 22 Sometime last week, someone broke into a trailer in the storage yard.  One or more of the members injured themselves as there was a large amount of blood on the counters and on the carpet.  If you know of anyone who has recently had an injury, please notify the police or a Board Member.   If you have any property in the storage yard, please inspect it for damage.
Also over the weekend there was a window on a vehicle in the storage yard broken and the owner has been notified.

July 1613th Annual Little Bow Resort BBQ is fast approaching.  If you have not RVSP'ed yet, please do so with a yes (and how many) or no.  For those that have gone in the past, please don't assume that you are counted as a yes this year.  Deadline is July 26.  Email to or

July 9 Posted July Newsletter here.  If you didn't get this email, please submit your email address to or

June 29 We were unable to replace the water pump this week because of high wind and soft ground.  We will try again on Wednesday July 4.  Please limit your water use on Tuesday and Wednesday next week.

June 28 We had a large tree leaning a little too far creating a dangerous environment this week.   We'd like to give a BIG Thank you to Patricia Steer Cabin # 9, who helped pick up branches, load trailor and raked up loose leaves and stickes. Also a BIG thank you to Cornel Sholan, cabin # 40, for all his help and the use of his chain saw. Thanks Ray.

June 12 The tress at Little Bow resort have been sprayed to remove the tent catipillars.  Please do not take any fruit from the trees for the next 2 weeks.  We would also like to encourage everyone to inspect their own tress and spray if required.

April 17 Launched Buy & Sell page.   If you have something to sell or are looking to buy something email me and I will post it.

April 9 We are looking for volunteers to place gopher poisnon in the holes this Saturday April 14.  This was not possible last weekend as there was too much snow on the ground.  The meeting place will be #174 (Kelly Warrick) at 10:00AM and should only be a couple of hours if we get enough people.

April 8 THANK-YOU to everyone that helped over the long weekend.  At one point we had over 20 people helping clean up the beach.  We were able to clean up the boat beach of all the rocks in only 1.5 hours.  It makes it so much easier with lots of help.  Thanks again.   There are some dead logs just inside the tree line if anyone would like some lumber for their firepits.  Please no trucks on the commons, and Quads only until May 6.   As the commons are very soft this time of year.  The second boat launch has been removed and will most likely be unuseable for the summer.  We are attempting to get some 2 foot rock placed on the west side of the launch to act as a water break.   As this will be a single row of rock, most of the rocks will be sunken during the high water season.  Please use caution when approaching the launchs by boat during the summer.  Once these rocks are in, we will try to get some 8" rock and place over the underground spring that crosses the new launch.  If we are able to get the rocks in before mid April when the water comes in, we will attempt to repair the launch before summer.  More updates to follow.  If you are able to volunteer to help with this and get our launch in for summer, please let me know.

March 31 By-Law survey is here!!!  You can access it from the main page under surveys.  CAUTION it is long.  From our test runs, you're looking at 30-45 minutes.  A downloadable copy of it is here.  It is 21 pages and 60 questions.  I know it is long but this is an important issue to our resort going forward.  We suggest looking at the PDF version, discussing with family, making choices and then going online to complete the survey.  The history of this issue as has been posted here before Current By-Laws here, proposed By-Laws here, a comparison of the two here.

March 30Email out to owners announcing AGM on May 6 at 1:30PM in Vulcan.  Here   The Bible camp was unavailable.  There are 2 board members seeking re-election of the 4 seats that will be available.  Please consider running for the board.

March 27VOLUNTEERS NEEDED – Help us keep your condo fees low and our resort clean.  Over the Easter weekend we are planning work parties to clean up the beach area, remove the concrete blocks from the second boat launch and to place gofer poisoning down the holes (this was very effective last spring).  If you are able to help, please email me with number of people and approximately how long so we can organize a crew or you can just show up at Unit 174 (Kelly Warrack) on Friday April 6th at 10 am and/or to Unit 14 (Darrol Lucas) on Saturday April 7th at 10 am.

The ice pushed up some of the concrete blocks on the 2nd boat launch this spring.  We plan to remove the concrete blocks as they represent a safety hazard.  We are hoping to have a picker truck available to move the concrete blocks.  We are working towards having the 2nd boat launch repaired this fall.

There is a job for everyone, so if you are not a physically active person you can still help, we need people to remove bolts from the boat launch, gofer holes, and even make juice for the crew etc.   Bring family, friends, anyone you can.  If you have more questions, please email me.

Feb. 19UPDATE – Here are some current Board initiatives going into summer.  Click here.

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