Little Bow Resort - 2006 News

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This is a private resort and information contained here is intended for unit owners. 
Information not to be duplicated without permission

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Dec. 22 Please note I will be reading the outside water meters over the Christmas Holidays as mentioned in the survey results. This is for information purposes only and for verification that meters are recording properly.
A comparison of the inside meters and outside meters will be done in the spring.

Dec. 20 HOUSES UNDER CONSTRUCTION Alberta Permit Pro needs to contact you.

Russell Corbett 403-464-6308 or 403-219-3577 if you have not had your electrical or gas inspections done.

Dec. 20 Posted ATV Policy.

Dec. 19 Email sent to owners, updating on fall initiatives.  Posted here.

Speech to Vulcan County Council on November 6.

Posted here.

Dec. 12 Posted results from both surveys Water Meter/Irrigation here and Web Survey here.

Dec. 8Tomorrow is last day to complete the 2 surveys.

I have posted a map of those that I have a record of completing the survey (On the map page). If your unit is not in red, please complete the survey by tomorrow.
Results will be posted no later than Wednesday next week.

Nov. 18 I changed the website according to web survey results.  There is now a weather news page, comments page (under archives) historical weather/water levels, open forum page coming (most wanted rules around this).
If you haven't completed either survey, please do all comments and votes will be considered for changes to web and for water meters.
Look at comments page for replies to common questions.

Nov. 17Posted Water Meter Survey.
Irrigation map located on map page or here.
Reminder for the Web Survey, please note the number of above red, blue & green lines.

Nov. 16 Posted article from Carolyn Gunderson on Playgrounds.  click here.

Nov. 14Water Survey is built.  Waiting on final approval.  Having lots of problems with weather pages moving from old site to new site.

As a result alot of the pages are broken on historical side.

Please bear with me, have spent many hours on this and I can't find the problem.

Great comments on the web survey. Have incorporated a few already.

If you haven't completed this please do so.

Nov. 8I have posted the "map" page located off the main page.  Here you can see maps of missing email addresses, built houses, and the houses that have had water meters installed. 9 houses left to be installed with 6 of them happening this week.

Above lines will be needed for "Web Survey" posted now.
Please complete this survey to help make the webpage better.
Downloadable version here.

Survey posted on the survey page or here.

Posted Water presentation from the SGM that Dave did here.

Nov. 5 New survey in the works to be posted around Nov 15.
Questions on web site, water meters/use and possibly one on ATV's.
Watch here for updates.

Thank-you everyone for completing the survey and for coming to the SGM.  Let's keep the communication lines open and talk about the issues.

First survey results as promised posted here.
Watch here for articles and information brought up from the SGM in the coming weeks.

I will try to post something new every week. Check on this page often as all information lands here first.
In the future the archive page will have a table of contents to look at current/old information on a specific topic.

Nov. 2 Posted map of people who have completed the survey so far here.   If you lot is not in red, we don't have your vote.

Please complete the survey, there is still time.
Results will be posted here on Monday.

Oct. 31 Reminder SGM this weekend Nov 5.  Please find some time to attend.  We will discuss survey results, AGM, & by-laws.

Oct. 23 Made a map of lots that Braemore Management does not have email addresses for.

If your unit is one of these here, please complete the info change form dated October 12 here.

Oct. 20Mail out to residents, this Friday announcing survey, website & SGM.
Click here.

Oct. 18Official launch of new website. All other sites will no longer be updated.

Oct. 18Official launch of the new survey If you have filled it out before Oct 18 please complete again.

Oct. 12 Posted Email and other contact info change form.  Please complete if this has changed since you purchased your property.  Click here.

Oct. 08 Weather - Made all graphs (400 of them) Y2K compliant (graphs were set to be overwritten December 31) Made some new monthly graphs here.

Oct. 08Complaint Form. This is a standard form for complaints. Fill out and send to

Oct. 01 Posted Topography maps. Courtesy of Husky. Travers Reservoir here. Area Reservoir here.

Sept. 27Email announcing SGM (Special General Meeting) November 5, 2006. Read here.

Sept. 25 Posted Water Meter Installation Sheet that is dropped off showing how to read your meter.  Read here.

Sept. 24Re-Designed" Website posted.  Posted resort map by request.  I will clean this up sometime in the next 2 weeks.

Sept. 19 Email about water meter installs from the board sent out to owners.
Read here.

Aug. 31Email about ATV's from the board sent out to owners.
Read here.

Email about water meter's from the board sent out to owners.  Read here.

Email about By-Law review from the board sent out to owners.  Read here Actual By-Laws here.

Aug. 16The Myth about the New Boat Launch" Article posted on website.  Read here.

July 19 Notice of 12th Annual BBQ to be held August 12.  Read here. 2007 BBQ to be held August 11, 2007

June 19 Little Bow Reporter (Newsletter)(in .PDF format).  Read here.

Dec. 13, 2005 Little Bow Reporter (Newsletter)(in .RTF format).
Read here.

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